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Kaede To Suzu The Animation Episode 2



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Kaede to Suzu

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Release Date

October 29, 2022

Upload Date

October 29, 2022

Tsundere older sister, Kaede, and naturally cool younger sister, Suzu’s uneven twin sisters.
One day, on her birthday, Hayato is kidnapped by Kaede and Suzu.
Hayato is blindfolded in a luxury hotel room and becomes uneasy when Kaede and Suzu appear in their underwear!
In order to celebrate Hayato’s birthday, the two will serve him as a gift… The twin sisters who are always getting yelled at are going to be satisfied this time
with a role-reversing service play!? Therefore, Hayato, who is always swayed by Suzu, plots the “Suzu Ika Seppa Revenge Plan” to punish her with sex! When Suzu was restrained on the rooftop fence and was toying around with toys, Kaede, who couldn’t stand it anymore, suddenly snatched her lips…!?

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