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Hime Dorei Episode 2


hime dorei 2

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Release Date

October 25, 2008

Upload Date

June 23, 2014

Alternate Titles

Hime Dorei: Mesu e to Ochiyuku Futago no Oujo Slaved Princess 공주노예: 암컷으로 저속해져가는 쌍둥이 왕녀 姫奴隷 ~牝へと堕ちゆく双子の王女~

Princess Tita is the successor to the throne of the Ruvens Kingdom. Tita’s sister Liese hired Waldo, a practitioner of black magic to make sure that Tita doesn’t rise to power. Waldo has but one condition upon accepting the request: the method is up to his choosing.