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Ero Ishi: Seijun Bishoujo o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai Episode 4


Ero Ishi Seijun Bishoujo o Kotoba Takumi ni Hametai Houdai Episode 4



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Release Date

August 27, 2022

Upload Date

August 28, 2022

Alternate Titles

エロ医師 ナマイキドエロ・怜奈&綾乃~絡み貪る牝少女~

A new JK series is coming to the “Petit” label coquttish doll!
Brugge LIGHT’s release “JK and Erotic Doctor” is now available in the 4th animation with new characters added!
A doctor’s palpation that everyone admires and an obstetrics and gynecology department!
Observing beautiful girls who don’t know anything with a clear face! Female hole finger in! Behind the partition of the delivery table, insert the vaginal cum shot and get pregnant!
Ayano-chan, a serious virgin girl who is a maddened beautiful virgin, Reina-chan, who became a prey to such a perverted doctor!
In his will, Rena-chan, who writes her ancestor Chin and is carried on her doctor’s stick, laments in the state even if she is aching for her hated guy.
Ayano-chan, who is serious and muddy, hides behind Reina-chan and is addicted to watching Chin.
Obscenely disgusting, cute and juicy beautiful girls want to be disturbed ○○ and your crotch is also obscene radiation!

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