Surprise Me!

Summer 2015

Aniki no Yome-san nara, Ore ni Hamerarete Hiihii Itteru Tokoro Da yo

Circle Tribute
1 episodes · OVA Completed 兄貴の嫁さんなら、俺にハメられてヒイヒイ言ってるところだよ

Two respected older brothers. Two beautiful, virtuous wives. The younger brother, a horndog who salivates at the chance to taste those wives.

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Futa-bu! Mix: Futanari World

Studio 9 Maiami
1 episodes · OVA Completed Futa Club!, ふた部! MIX ~ふたなりワールド~

Sequel to Futabu!! Based on the adult doujin by BOSSHI.


Gakuen no Ikenie: Nagusami Mono to Kashita Kyonyuu Furyou Shoujo

Office Takeout
1 episodes · OVA Completed Gakuen no Ikenie: Nagusami Mono to Kashita Kyonyuu Furyou Shoujo - The Animation, 学園の生贄――慰み者と化した巨乳不良少女~白濁に侵される褐色&堕肉の狂宴~ THE ANIMATION

Based on the adult game by Erectlip.

A priest kidnaps a girl and wants her to abandon her friends and join his religious cult. When she refuses, the cult members administer divine punishment by nipple-fucking her. Her friend comes in to save her, but gets ass-fucked instead.

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Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi!

Peak Hunt
2 episodes · OVA Completed 厳格クールな先生がアヘボテオチ!

Hazuki Mizushiro is a very popular teacher in school. One day, student Aoi gets enough courage to write a love letter to her. Much to his enjoyment, she responds to this letter.


Gyakuten Majo Saiban: Chijo na Majo ni Sabakarechau The Animation

1 episodes · OVA Completed 逆転魔女裁判 ~痴女な魔女に裁かれちゃう~ THE ANIMATION

Based on the erotic game by Erectlip.



3 episodes · OVA Completed The Sleazy Family (2), 淫娘 ~いんこ~

The female employees of a hamburger joint are subject to their manager's perversions while on the clock. Lena and Ayaka, both working at the shop, participate in these covert workplace activities while also enjoying each other's company in secret. But when they are caught messing around in the locker room by their manager, he has a special punishment in mind. Responding to the mysterious call from the end of Inbo, the two girls' classmate Masaru soon arrives to help the manager…

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Kanojo ga Nekomimi ni Kigaetara

Studio 1st
1 episodes · OVA Completed 彼女がネコミミに着替えたら

Based on the adult manga by Miyabi.


Maid-san to Boin Damashii

Anime Antenna Iinkai
2 episodes · OVA Completed メイドさんとボイン魂

The head maid of a rich household wants to retire and choose someone else to replace her. Before she goes however, she decides to give her young master a farewell gift in the form of a hot sex session, followed by interviewing new potential maid recruits with another sex session. Can't complain.



Studio 9 Maiami
2 episodes · OVA Completed ネトラセラレ

It's a seemingly happy marriage for Shu and Haruka. Two years into their bond of love, Haruka decides she wants conceive a child with her husband and raise a family. Unfortunately for the two of them, Shu is suddenly unable to perform in the bedroom. According to Shu's doctor, there's nothing physically wrong with him, leaving the problem being something potentially psychological.

In fact, there is something hiding away inside of Shu's mind that's affecting his performance; a fetish that he's only hinted at to Haruka.


Rasen Sokou no Dystopia

2 episodes · OVA Completed 螺旋遡行のディストピア

The fate of the world rests in the vaginas of three “fruits,” who conveniently happen to be school girls. If these “fruits” are harvested, aka deflowered, the world will be destroyed.

Based on the erotic game by LiLiM.

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Space Babe Yukino

? episodes · TV Completed

In the year of Space Age 216, beyond the limits of the Milky Way, the sonar of exploratory vessel “Kikumasa” picks up an unconfirmed energy signal. Excursion pod #18 is dispatched to the location.

Yukiko Akagi is the crew member aboard that ill-fated pod. Three days before her wedding day, Yukino collides with an unidentified flying object.

When she gains consciousness again, she’s surrounded by male aliens. Born entirely from cloned embryos they are similar to earth forms and they’ve never seen or touched a woman. Yukino is their first contact.

She receives the full and untested force of their sexual release.3


Yufin to Ecchi

? episodes · TV Completed

Sex with your childhood Final Fantasy girl.. check.

Dodge lawsuit from Square by changing a character in her name.. check, and check.

“Yufin” the self-proclaimed treasure hunter in 3.5 erotic episodes.