Surprise Me!

Summer 2011

Asa kara Zusshiri Milk Pot

Studio 9 Maiami
2 episodes · OVA Completed 朝からずっしり・ミルクポット

The life of a futanari girl and the various indecent acts she commits in order to temper her uncontrollable sexual urges.

(Source: AniDB)

Mahou Shoujo Elena

Rabbit Gate, Studio Fantasia
3 episodes · OVA Completed Mahou Shoujo Erena, Magical Girl Erena!, 魔法少女えれな

With the help from a mysterious creature, Elena turned herself into a magical girl to beat Zoid, a tentacle monster to save her sister, Emile.

Since that day, to protect her sister and to keep peace on the earth, Elena started to fight against the ugly creatures as a magical girl!
However, what awaited her is a harsh destiny: immoral days of naughty humiliations. And her battle eventually involves her sister and her dead mother.

Can Elena exterminate the tentacle monster, or is she driven crazy and lost her reason by the ecstasy?

(Source: DLsite)


Pink Movie Theater 5: Waiyoku no Sho

? episodes · TV Completed

After years of yearning for Eclaire, my desire was bursting!

I was a Sorcerer who quested with a weak Cleric girl. We were a good team. But over time I failed to level up, and she graduated to a higher class. She’s strong enough to be the hero now… I’m about to lose her!

“I can quest alone now! Isn’t that great?” she says… Nooooo, Eclaire! Don’t go! I’ve done everything for you… Was I only used? Was I just a grind partner?

If so…


Yume Kui: Tsurumiku Shiki Game Seisaku

Suzuki Mirano
2 episodes · OVA Completed 夢喰い-つるみく式ゲーム製作-

The staff members of a certain hentai producing company get personally involved in their work. Perhaps a little too involved as some some male staffers begin to cross the line between fiction and reality.