Surprise Me!

Spring 1995

Cool Devices

11 episodes · OVA Completed Curious Fruit, Kimyou na Kajitsu, Sacred Girl, Sei Shoujo, Lover Doll, Aigan Shoujo, Kirei, KI・RE・I, Kotoyoshi Yumisuke Mirei, Seek, Yellow Star, Slaver Warrior Maya, Dorei Senshi Maya, Binding, Kousoku, Fallen Angel Rina, Idol Datenshi Rina, クールディバイシス

Welcome to a series of tapes the likes of which you've never seen before! Strong stories, highly charged with erotic content are all presented without Japan's export censorship (as they were intended to be seen).

They do not follow a single story. They break all the rules. They are Cool Devices. They aren't for kids, but they might be for you if you have the guts. Welcome to a new world… and be sure to wash your hands when you're done.

(Source: Official Site)